Home Cooking Venture

Building a home cook community

Creating opportunities for foodies to enjoy delicious, authentic ethnic food, and to appreciate the culture and stories behind the food has been the heart and soul of DishRoots since day zero of this adventure. 

While exploring dishes provided by restaurants, we never forget the grandmas, the neighbors, and the millions of immigrants who produce magic flavors from their own kitchens.

They recreate familiar flavors from their origin, again and again, to pay tribute to the bittersweet nostalgia, but more importantly, to share their cultural identity and pride through the most acceptable way -- homemade food. 

We want to connect home cooks with curious foodies who crave high-quality but affordable ethnic dishes. 

We are not the first one saw the opportunity. One of the pioneers, COOK Alliance has made extraordinary progress in the policy and legalization in this field, empowering more home cooks, including minority immigrants, women, low-income families, to make a better living via food sharing. Their contribution to the community is a huge inspiration for us. 

Good food brings people together. We also believe that homemade food manifests an even stronger community. 


March 2020


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$12 for 25

Shanghainese wonton by James Cai

Mr. Cai has been making these perfectly-shaped wontons in his own kitchen and serving local communities in San Gabriel Valley for 15 years. 


Pork, Chinese collard greens, chicken broth, sesame oil


Chinese collard greens, egg, shitake mushroom, marinated tofu


$20-25 for a dozen

Tamales with 50-year Family Recipe

The Gonalez family tamale recipe goes back to the Aztec time. Maria's tamales have been a special treat for family and friends on special occasions for 35 years. 

Cheese & Jalapeno

$25 for a dozen

Pork or Chicken

$20 for a dozen