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Bee Sting Cake | Bienenstich

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Origin - Germany #German #Cream #Sweet #Honey

The Bee Sting Cake, is a traditional German dessert comprised of two layers of yeast cake with a creamy vanilla cream filling and topped with crunchy honey-glazed almonds. The yeast cake helps to balance out the sweetness of the cream filling and crunchy almonds. It is quite popular all over Germany and even in other parts of Europe.

[ History ]This sweet, creamy, and crunchy delight got its name based on two stories. The first story is that of a baker who encountered bees while trying out a new recipe. Apparently, the bees were attracted to the honey-glazed almonds and the baker was stung by a few bees; therefore, the baker decided to name his new cake, the Bee Sting Cake. Another source cites a story in which a group of German bakers prevented an invasion of neighboring villagers by throwing beehives at them. They then celebrated their efforts by baking a version of the Bee Sting Cake.

[ How to Eat ]Enjoy a slice of the cake with your favorite afternoon coffee or serve as a fitting end to a light summer dinner.


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