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Bibim Milmyeon | 비빔 밀문

Origin - Korea

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What’s your favorite food for hot summer days? In Korea, cold noodles are extremely popular during the summer months!

Among many varieties of cold noodles, Milmyeon is one that you will find many people slurping down in a restaurant during the hot summer months. It comes in two versions – one served with ice cold broth (Mul Milmyeon) and the other mixed in gochujang (Bibim Milmyeon).

Homemade Gochujang (Korean Chili Paste)

Bibim Milmyeon consists of long, chewy flour noodles topped with gochujang (Korean chili paste), cucumbers, pickled radish slices, beef, and shredded eggs. The fresh summer vegetables with the chewy cold noodles and the kick from the spicy gochujang, is just the right combination to survive the summer fatigue.

[ History ]

Although the origin of Milmyeon is not so clear, it may have originated during the Korean War when refugees gathered in Busan and made noodles from flour that was provided by the US Army. The flour noodles were then cooked with any simple ingredients they could get a hold of.

[ How to eat ]

Mix your Bibim Milmyeon thoroughly and get that gooey gochujang to coat everything in the bowl. Once the dish is bright red, then it’s time to start slurping!


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