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Bindae-tteok | 빈대떡

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Origin - Korea

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Photo by Karaleedee
Korean Mung Bean Pancake

Bindae-tteok (빈대떡), or Korean mung bean pancake, is a type of fried pancake originated from the Pyongan Province in South Korea in the 1670s. The origin of the dish can be traced back to the first cookbook that was penned by a Korean woman Jang Gye-hyang. It is believed the invention of this pancake was inspired by a similar Chinese food, 饼 bǐng, which means “round and flat pancake-like food.”

During the Joseon dynasty, rich households would hand out bindae-tteoks to poorer people during times of hardship. Nowadays, bindae-tteok is one of the most popular street foods in Korean cities.

Although bindae-tteok might look simple, it actually includes a variety of ingredients. The base of the batter is mung bean and sweet rice purée, mixed up with Korean fernbrake (gosari), group pork, fresh bean sprouts, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and kimchi.

A glass of makgoli (Korean sweet rice wine) is highly recommended to pair with bindae-tteok, those two really go well together!


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