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Clear Shrimp and Pork Dumpling | Bánh bột lọc

Origin - Vietnam

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Bánh bột lọc is a small, chewy, translucent, pork and shrimp dumpling that is generally eaten as a snack or appetizer in Vietnam. Originally, the dumpling is wrapped in a small piece of banana leaf, gradually steamed in large batches and served with a sweet chili dipping sauce. However, Bánh bột lọc can also be steamed or boiled without the banana leaf wrapping, in which it is called, Bánh bột lọc trần, where trần means naked or bare. Most people cook Bánh bột lọc trần because it is faster to cook than slowly steaming the dumplings.

One major difference between the two types of dumplings is the consistency of the batter and method of cooking. The batter for Bánh bột lọc is thinner because you can smear it on the banana leaf and it will stick there as it is steamed. On the other hand, the batter for Bánh bột lọc trần is thicker for easier handling because there is no banana leaf to mold the dough. The dough is flattened, filling is added, and the dough is folded over like any other dumpling. The dumplings are then boiled instead of steamed.

[ Fun Fact ]

Banh Bot Loc Co Thuong is said to be the first restaurant to serve Bánh bột lọc with a house special fish sauce. The restaurant has been serving the dish with the same sauce for 18 years.

[ History ]

Bánh bột lọc originated from Central Vietnam in the city of Hue, where it was served as a snack to the emperors, which is why the dumplings are carefully wrapped in banana leaves with a tedious cooking method.

[ How to Eat ]

Bánh bột lọc is always served with a side savory fish sauce.The combination of chewy and slippery dumplings filled with plump shrimp and fatty pork dipped in the salty fish sauce will have your taste buds bursting with joy!


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