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Cuban Sandwich | Cubano

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Origin - Cuba

#Flavorful #ComfortFood #Pork #Cheese

cheese on cubano
A plate of warm Cuban Sandwich with gooey Swiss cheese oozing out the side.

If you love pork, then there’s no sandwich that can compete with the delicious Cuban Sandwich layered with roast pork, juicy ham, melted Swiss cheese, smothered with tangy mustard and loaded with pickles. If you plan to have just one half, you might want to reconsider.

[ Fun Fact ]

While it is called a “Cuban” Sandwich after the Cuban immigrants who settled in Florida and influenced the sandwich the most, the Italian bricklayers and the German cigar workers were also a big contribution to the ingredients of the delicious sandwich.

[ History ]

It is believed that the Cuban sandwich was made by the Taino tribe which was one of the three cultures that lived in Cuba before the Europeans arrived. A few hundred years later, Cuban immigrants who came to work at tobacco farms in Florida, brought the recipe for this tasty and affordable meal. No visit to Florida would be complete without sampling the sandwich that’s packed with bold flavors and textures!

Toast cuban sandwich
The sandwich is gently pressed with a hot iron to lightly toast the bread.

The most important component of a Cuban Sandwich is the bread. It is no ordinary bread, but Cuban bread. This long, crusty loaf is chewy and fluffy on the inside and is best when eaten the same day that it is made because it contains lard which could make the bread dry if left out for a while. Italian or French bread is a viable substitute in other parts of the country but are not the same as the original Cuban Bread.


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