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Fried Rice Flour Cakes with Eggs | Bánh bột chiên

Origin - Vietnam

#StreetFood #Oily #Savory

Bánh bột chiên are Vietnamese fried rice flour cakes that is a popular street food in Saigon and can be found in almost every street corner during the evening. The rice flour cakes are sticky, thick, and starchy. The cakes are cut into little rectangles and fried with lard until golden brown on the outside and soft on the inside. Whisked eggs are then poured over the cakes to bring the whole dish together and garnished with green onions and shredded green papaya. Green papayas are a big plus to the dish since the dish is quite oily, so the papaya helps balance it out.

[ How to Eat ]

Bánh bột chiên is commonly served with a side of mellow sauce that is the mixture of chili sauce and soybean sauce. You can choose to either grab some of the rice cakes and egg and dip them into the sauce or drizzle the sauce all over the dish before enjoying the plate of deliciousness!


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