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German One Pot Stew | Eintpof

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Origin - Germany

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Eintopf is a traditional German stew which consists of a great number of ingredients. The name “Eintopf” means “one pot” deriving from the way it is cooked rather than an actual recipe. Most recipes for eintopf have similar key ingredients, a broth, vegetables, potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, and some kind of meat commonly pork, chicken or beef.

However, there are many different regional specialties and versions to the dish. For example, the central areas of Germany have a type called Lumpen und Fleeh (rags and fleas) which generally means the leftovers are put into the soup, so no food goes to waste. Even though the dish may seem like a poor man’s food, this is not always so. Eintopf is an exceptionally tasty and nourishing meal as a whole. Plenty of German restaurants serve this hearty comforting stew.

[ History ]

Eintopf was created during a time when people had big families but not a lot of money. When housewives didn’t have much time to cook due to chores or working in the fields, they would make eintopf instead since it’s fairly simple yet filling dish to make.

In 1933, as part of a charity campaign, the first Sunday of the month from October until March was declared Eintopfsonntag, “One pot Sunday”. Donations were made to the poor from the money saved from not eating lavishly. Although even families who didn’t want to cook were expected to join, the campaign successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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