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German Sausage with Curry Ketchup | Currywurst

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Origin - Germany

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Currywurst is a German fast food dish consisting of steamed, then fried pork sausage that is sliced into one inch thick pieces and drizzled with warm curry ketchup, which is a sauce made from curry sauce and ketchup. It is then topped with a sprinkle of curry powder and paprika. currywurst is also commonly served with a side of French fries.

[ History ]

The invention of currywurst dates back to September 4, 1949, when Herta Heuwer claimed to have created the first version of the dish in her small fast food stand in Berlin. She pan-fried a sausage and topped it with a sauce made from tomato paste, curry powder, worcestershire sauce, and paprika. It became an instant hit and in 1959, she patented her sauce and name it, “Chillup”. Business improved so much that she had to move to a larger location to accommodate all the new customers eager to try out the popular fast food dish. Today, at the original location of her fast food stand, is a plaque honoring Herta Heuwer’s treasured creation.

You can ask for your currywurst with a sausage that has skin (Currywurst mit Darm)or no skin (Currywurst ohne Darm) on it. Sausages with skin will contain a mixture of pork and beef that are lightly smoked while the skinless sausages tend to be made of pork, pale in color, and not smoked.

[ How to Eat ]Who needs extra ketchup when there’s a pool of delicious tangy and spicy curry ketchup. Take a delicious, mouth-watering bite of the crispy fries smothered with the warm curry ketchup sauce.


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