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Gua Bao | 刈包 | 割包

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Origin - Taiwan

#Juicy #Porkbelly #Filling #Streetfood

Photo by Alpha
Gua Bao | 刈包 | 割包

Gua Bao 割包/刈包 is a most popular snack in #Taiwan. It has a nickname “tiger bites pig” because the shape of the bun looks like a big open mouth, biting the delicious pork belly inside of the bun. How imaginative!

The dish originates from Fujian province, but got extremely popular in Taiwan, and it even inspired the Japanese hirata buns, during Japan’s colonial occupation of Taiwan.

It’s best to eat it when the bun is still warm and spongy, which perfectly balances out with the partially fatty pork belly, while the sour pickled green mustard balances out with the sweet sugar powder, and the cilantro together with the crushed peanuts create the appetizing scent that entices you to take that first big bite.


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