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Hanoi Style Vermicelli Noodles with Grilled Pork | Bún chả Hà Nội

Origin - Vietnam

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Bún chả is a Vietnamese dish of noodles and grilled pork. Bún, the white rice noodles, is served on a plate while the grilled pork patties (chả) and thinly sliced pork belly are in a bowl of dipping sauce. There will also be a side of fresh greens and herbs to add to your liking.

The highlight of this dish is definitely the sauce. With simple ingredients such as, water, fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, radish, carrots, and pork umami, the taste varies from each restaurant because of the different ratios used for each ingredient in the sauce. Diners can tell the difference between a good Bún chả and a bad one by the flavor of the sauce. It’s what makes or breaks the whole experience of the meal!

[ History ]

Bún chả originated from Hanoi and remains very popular there. Other regions of Vietnam serve the same dish; however, each region has different seasonings of the sauce. Southern Vietnam tends to have a stronger flavor of the sauce than its Northern counterpart. Bún chả gained international fame when President Obama visited a Vietnamese restaurant and enjoyed a $6 meal of Bún chả with American celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain.

[ How to Eat ]Take a bit of the white rice noodles and some herbs, mix it into the sauce with the pork patties and belly, and slurp it down like any other noodle dish.


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