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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Origin - United States

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Jambalaya is a pure comfort food filled to the brim with flavors thanks to a hit of Cajun seasoning and Andouille sausage (smoky, garlicky, pork sausage). Jambalaya has been a favorite dish for generations because it is inexpensive, delicious, and can be altered to include whatever ingredient is available. It is a one pot main dish and a party favorite that will bring people together!

[ Fun Fact ]

Each cook as their own unique variation to the jambalaya. Tomatoes were a likely addition of Spanish cooks, French cooks contributed spices brought from the Caribbean, and local Louisiana cooks prepared their own style of Cajun season for the meats.

[ History ]

An urban legend has it that the dish was born late one night in New Orleans when a traveler stopped by an inn which had little food remaining. The hungry traveler told the cook, “balayez!” which means, throw something together. The result became the delicious dish that is now known as Jambalaya.


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