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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Origin - Australia #Australian #Creamy #Chocolate #Rich

The Lamington is a popular Australian dessert of little cubes of sponge cake, dipped in chocolate, and then rolled in coconut flakes. A common variation has a layer of cream or strawberry jam between layers of the cake. It is a mind-blowing, light and fluffy cake with rich and creamy icing on the outside.

[ Fun Fact ]

Lamingtons are popular in Australia as cakes for fundraising for money for school groups, churches, and more. These Lamingtons can be made of homemade cake, leftover cake, or store bought cake.

[ History ]

The Lamington is believed to have been created through an accident at work by a maid who worked for Lord Lamington, the governor of Queensland from 1895 – 1901. The maid was working at the government house, when she accidentally dropped the Governor’s favorite sponge cake into some melted chocolate. Lord Lamington wasn’t a person of wasteful habits, so he suggested the cake to be sprinkled with coconuts all over the chocolate to avoid messy fingers.

You guessed it right, the name of this dessert cake also comes from the governor’s name as well.


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