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Larb | ลาบ

Origin - Thailand #Traditional #Herbs #Aromatic

Larb is a popular salad in Northeast Thailand with a bunch of aromatic herbs and chilis; but it’s not a vegetable salad, instead it’s a meat salad. The minced pork is wonderfully seasoned with fish sauce, chili flakes, lime juice, toasted sticky rice for some crunchy texture, and a fragrant assortment of fresh herbs to balance everything together. If you haven’t eaten Larb, then you’re in for a real treat.

[ History ]The history of this dish is somewhat vague. The dish was popular centuries ago among the ethnic people who had lived in Northeast Thailand, as well as some parts of Laos, Burma, and China. Some people call it “Laotian-style salad”. Although Larb can be found in Laos, the Thai-style style of preparations varies. The only similarity for both styles is that they are both prepared with spice, meat, and herbs; the rest depends on the measurements of each ingredient, which make each dish slightly unique from each other. In the end, regardless of the style of Larb, the final product is still tasty in its own way.

[ How to Eat ]To add a kick of heat for the dish, take a bite of small chilis that are typically served with Larb. Enjoy!


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