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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Origin - Spain

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Crispy lechon skin
The crackling-crispy skin makes Lechon a very memorable dish

Lechón is extremely popular in Latin American countries and is considered the national dish in the Philippines… It’s that good! With its crispy skin, tender meat, and generous servings, Lechón is the staple meal in parties, weddings, and other special occasions. No matter how small the gathering, it brings friends and family closer together!

[ Fun Fact ]“The best pig ever!” – These were the words of late chef and TV host, Anthony Bourdain had said on his show, No Reservations, when he traveled all the way to the Philippines to find the best Lechón. His kind words brought tremendous positive international attention to Philippine cuisine!

[ History ]The popular Filipino dish originated from Spain when Spanish colonization in teh Philippines began in the 15th century. The name, Lechón, derives from the Spanish term, leche, which means milk because the suckling pig used for this dish is about 4 weeks old, when it is still fed on the mother’s milk. The pigs are slowly roasted, usually by hand-turning over hot coals for hours, until the skin turns crispy, while the meat becomes juicy and flavorful.

Charcoal roasted Lechon
Charcoal roasting gives Lechón a special smoky flavor

Cebu is especially famous in the Philippines as the city where you can get the best Lechón in the whole country. It is also where Anthony Bourdain filmed his TV show on Filipino food which helped attract a lot of international attention to the country and its food.


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