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Mango Sticky Rice | ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง

Origin - Thailand

#Sweet #Coconut #Gooey #Creamy

Gluten free sticky rice
Sticky rice contains no gluten so it is completely safe for all you gluten-free folks out there!

“Wait, whaaaat? Mango and Rice as a dessert?!”

Mango Sticky Rice is a common Thai delicacy that crosses everyone’s mind as a national dessert. It is bites of sweet and slightly salty sticky rice drenched in gooey coconut cream sauce and chunks of ripe mango. It is a burst of refreshing taste for a hot summers day.

Common in April and May due to the mango season, the dessert can be found almost anywhere in Thailand. For those yet to sample this dessert, the pairing of mango and rice may seem a little unusual, but you will just have to trust us on this one when we say it is amazing!

[ History ]

Sticky rice is a type of rice grown in Southeast Asia. Its proper name is Glutinous Rice, because of its consistency after cooking. Historically, it comes from Central Thailand but is now popular throughout Thailand and international Thai cuisine.

sticky rice preparation
Preparation of sticky rice

[ How to eat ]

This dessert is commonly eaten with a spoon or if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, your hands! Take a piece of mango and a scoop of sticky rice and enjoy the sweet, delicious dessert.


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