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Mi Quang | Mì Quảng

Origin - Vietnam

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Mi Quang is a Vietnamese noodle dish that originated from Quang Nam, Da Nang, a province in central coastal Vietnam. It the region, it is one of the most popular dishes and is served on various special occasions such as, death anniversaries, family parties, and Tet (Vietnamese New Year).

Mi Quang has a distinguished look, texture, flavor, and is served with very little broth unlike other kinds of noodle soup dishes. The beautiful wide yellow turmeric noodles, covered with plump orange shrimps, fatty thin slices of pork, roasted peanuts, crunchy sesame rice crackers, and fresh herbs mix so harmoniously together.

[ History ]

Mi Quang has been served in Quang Nam since the 14th century. Culinary expert Nguyễn Thị Kim Chi, of the Quán Ăn Ngon chain restaurants, says mi Quang was originally meant for laborers.

Ancient settlers in the regions sourced locally picked fresh ingredients to create their culinary traditions. Overtime, mi Quang has become the pride of locals which has become to represent the cultural values of the villages.

The art of the sauce and dumplings varies with each chef. Some use chicken or some use pig bones. Either way, the sauce should have a unique flavor that is different from pho broth which is cooked with oxen bone.

[ How to Eat ]Since this is a dish with quite a few toppings, each with their own unique taste and texture, it is recommended to lightly mix the dish around with your chopsticks before taking the first slurp.

Don’t forget to take your black sesame rice crackers and dip it in the leftover broth to soak up all that savory goodness!


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