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Patbingsu | 팥빙수

Origin - Korea

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In Korea, nothing says summer more than Patbingsu (팥빙수), which is a popular shaved ice dessert with various sweet toppings. It looks like a huge snow mountain in a bowl decorated with sweet red beans, soft mochi (rice cake), and gooey condensed milk. If you feel exhausted from the heat in the summer, patbingsu will make you feel energetic again!

[ History ]

The earliest form of patbingsu came in the form of shaved ice and two or three toppings, typically red beans, mochi, and ground nut powder. This popular dessert was around during the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910). Records show that people back then used to put fruit on top of crushed ice for their dessert. Nowadays in Korea, you can find it practically everywhere – hotels, cafes, bakeries, and specialty shops.

There are many variations of patbingsu types and flavors. Most do not follow the traditional toppings and some do not even include the red beans. Some popular flavors are green tea, coffee, and fruits.

[ How to Eat ]Drizzle condensed milk over the snow mountain to enjoy the cold sweet dessert and regain your energy during a hot summer day!


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