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Ramune | ラムネ

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Origin - Japan

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It’s a hot, humid summer day in Japan and beads of sweat come down your forehead. The streets are packed with people heading towards a local festival. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot a girl buying a drink that has the words, “ラムネ” (Ramune), from a street vendor. You watch shockingly, as the girl pops the cap into the bottle, releasing a loud, *Fizz*.

summer festival drink in japan
Ramune can be found in every summer festival in Japan!

Ramune is no stranger to anyone who has visited Japan, especially during the summer. It is extremely popular as one of the signature drinks for summer festivals in Japan and also a beverage that every Japanese person has enjoyed when they were kids.

ramune street vendors
Ramune is loved by people of all ages, but especially children.

The original ramune is a colorless lemon-lime flavored soda but it also comes in a variety of different flavors! Some are very unusual and could be quite daring to try, like the kimchi, wasabi, bubblegum, and even curry flavors!

Variety of ramune flavors
Strawberry, Melon, Mango, and Peach flavors!

However, besides its refreshing taste, the exciting part of drinking Ramune is popping the bottle open! If you’re new to Ramune, you might have trouble because it can be quite confusing at first, but all you have to do is push the marble down with the bottle cap! What's better than cracking open a cool, refreshing bottle of soda that has captured the hearts of children and adults alike?

pop the ramune bottle
Push the marble down with the bottle cap to open.

[ History ]

Ramune was created in Japan, but not by the Japanese! The creator of ramune was Scottish-born, Alexander Cameron Sim, who initially began his career as a pharmacist in Kobe, Japan. Sim introduced the fizzy drink, based on Lemonade, and initially named it “Mabu Soda” also known as “Marble Soda”, where it captured the interest of locals.

Codd-neck bottle
A Codd bottle is a type of bottle used for carbonated drinks.

Ramune’s popularity sky-rocketed after it was packaged in the iconic Codd bottle with the glass marble. The new bottle was clearly distinguishable from any other glass bottles which allowed ramune to stand out from other drinks.


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