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Taiyaki | たい焼き

Origin - Japan

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Taiyaki (たい焼き) is a baked Japanese waffle stuffed with sweet red bean paste (あんこ) and served warm; fresh off the pan. Although the name Taiyaki, directly translates to “Baked Red Snapper”, there’s no fish in this sweet treat. The name actually comes from the fish-shaped mold that the snack is baked into. When it is freshly made, the crispy exterior surrounding the warm soft dough filled with sweet red bean paste is simply mouthwatering.

[ Fun Fact ]

There are so many types of fillings for Taiyaki like, custard, chocolate, cheese, sweet potatoes, and even sausages!

Taiyaki with custard
Creamy custard is very popular as a Taiyaki filling

[ History ]

Although the origin of Taiyaki remains unclear, we do know that it had spread all over Japan by the Meiji period (1868 – 1912) because we can see the word, Taiyaki, fairly often in the literature of that period.

How to cook Taiyaki
Taiyaki is baked using special fish-shaped molds.

It is also common belief in Japan that Red Snappers were very expensive at the time, Taiyaki was shaped in a way to make the customer feel as if they were eating luxuriously. Red Snapper is also recognized in Japanese culture to bring good luck to those who eat it, so that tradition is still carried on and enjoyed today in the form of Taiyaki.

[ How to eat ]

Take a bite of the Taiyaki from the head because some Taiyaki shops do not always put the red bean filling all the way to the tail. Be careful because it is very hot, especially on the inside!


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