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Tom Kha Gai | ต้มข่าไก่

Origin - Thailand #Creamy #Spicy #Savory #Coconut

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Soup) is a highly popular Thai soup known for its intense and aromatic flavors and its rich and creamy, coconut-infused broth. In Thailand, it is eaten more like a curry than a soup; paired with a plate of rice and spooned onto your rice before eating it. [ Fun Facts ]Tom Kha Gai directly translates to “Boiled Galangal Chicken.” Galangal is one the most important ingredients in any Tom Kha Gai recipe.

It has an earthy spice flavor and many people compare it to ginger except that Galangal is more peppery. It is included in many Thai curries and soups to add a kick to the flavor. [ How It's Made ]

Tom Kha Gai is made from chicken lightly poached in silky coconut milk broth which has been infused with 3 main ingredients, galangal, lemongrass, and lime leaves. With these key ingredients, you can expect a creamy, savory, spicy, and sweet soup that’ll get you more interested in Thai cuisine flavors.

Thai people have an interesting way to greet others. Instead of asking “How are you?”, they sometimes ask, “Gin Khao Reu Yang?”, which means “Have you eaten yet?” Now that’s the type of greeting we like to hear!


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