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Winter Melon Tea | 冬瓜茶

Origin - China

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Toppings such as mochi or sweet potato balls are common toppings at cafes for winter melon tea

Winter melon tea is a traditional herbal tea that is made with the fruit of the winter melon, also known as wax gourd. Winter melons are native to Southeast Asia and appears a lot in other foods such as soups, moon cakes, and even candy! To get straight to the point, Winter melon tea is not actually tea! It’s just marketed that way.

Instead it’s a mildly sweet, refreshing drink made winter melon juice and sugar. It’s actually a super healthy, natural drink which includes tons of vitamins and antioxidants and will quench your thirst after the first gulp!

[ History ]

Winter melon tea was considered an important part of Ayurvedic treatments for helping with various types of health concerns.

Young winter melons are sweet while the mature ones have a mild taste

It was also an immensely popular drink in China which recipe dates back to 250 B.C. and recorded in Shennong, Ben Cao Jing, which is a Chinese book on agriculture and medicinal plants. After the recipe spread to Taiwan, the winter melon tea became one of the most popular teas in the country.

Winter melon tea is also sold in cans though out all of South East Asia

Winter melon tea has been adapted by many modern coffee and boba places that you can find many variations to the drink. Whether you enjoy it with boba, milk, or even combined with other tea flavors, winter melon tea is one of the many healthy sweet drinks you can enjoy without feeling too guilty of your sugar intake!


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