Our Mission

Of course, it all starts with food...

I'm Tianyu, born and raised by Yangsze River in China.  I was a fussy eater when I was a kid, so my mom would tell stories about the dishes to entice me to eat.  Turns out, there are fascinating tales and theories behind almost every Chinese dish!   I guess my mom's strategy worked because my friends now call me “bottomless pit” to describe my eating reputation. 🤷‍♀️

Wherever I go, I'm always on the hunt for authentic Chinese food.  However, finding something authentic is not always so easy in the U.S.  Not just for Chinese food, cultural ignorance and misunderstandings exist in almost every ethnic cuisine.  

That's why I started DishRoots.

Now that I live in Los Angeles where cuisines from all over the world gather, I'm proud to introduce my friends to some truly authentic Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley. I feel blessed to try out various tacos from the taco trucks that show up every night in a car wash parking lot five minutes from my house -- though I always have to struggle with the all-español menu -- "What is this one again???" 

Now,  a  joint force with technology!

Combining my passion for food with my expertise in designing digital products, I decided to create something that helps foodies discover authentic ethnic food and the cultural stories behind them.  With this website and the upcoming DishRoots app, we believe more people will be able to explore the world’s cultural diversity through their taste buds.


We also believe the most authentic foods are not only made in restaurants, but in the kitchens of your grandma, your neighbor, and millions of others with deep understanding of their roots

Coming soon...

Just a little tease.

Our tiny but mighty team

We all have different tastes in food, but we share the same taste in building products.



Product | Operation
Passionate about great experiences, eating, traveling, and corgis.


Engineering | iOS

Aka: "Snake". Loves video games, hockey, beer, like a true Mid-westerner 


Design | Creative

Loves being out in nature, good food, and a great pour over cup o' joe.


Engineering | Web

Has the best beard. Just look at that thing! Not a fan of spicy food though!