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Swirls of bright red, topped with chunks of juicy mango, the Mangonada, also known as Mangoneada or Chamango, is a summertime favorite in Mexican communities. It is the ultimate combination of fruit sorbet, lime, Tajin (Lime-flavored chili powder), liquid chamoy (savory condiment made from pickled fruit), and mango chunks. The drink is then served with a straw that’s wrapped in tamarind paste and chili powder. This sweet, spicy, and sour dessert gives a big power punch that’s supremely refreshing for a hot summer day!

[ Fun Fact ]

The combination of lime, salt, and tajin is a common sight in most Mexican foods, seasoning everything with the three condiments. A recent study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered new sugar receptors on the tongue is activated by salt, which further explains why mangonadas’ ingredients blend so well together. The salty chamoy enhances the flavor of mango and sorbet without overpowering it.

[ History ]

The history of mangonadas are uncertain but all we know is that it came from the streets of Mexico, long before it joined the Instagram food craze. According to some Mexican food importers, the mangonada grew popular in the US after Mexican fruit popsicle stores started to pop up around 2010.


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